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Our experts are here to help you find great ideas for anything related to giving gifts. From interviews with sellers to tips around how to wrap presents beautifully, our blog is full of inspirational ideas.

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  • sticky-9-photo

    Photo Fun with Sticky 9

    There are few things more painful than showing an adult a photo on Instagram. Whether it’s the wedding dress...

  • spotlight-on_theodora-gould

    Spotlight On: Theodora Gould

    We all know how tricky it is to find original, pretty items of jewellery, that don’t incite those aggravating...

  • heather-alstead-design-spotlight-on

    Spotlight On: Heather Alstead Design

    We’ve all heard our parents use that phrase. Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days come around respectively, and children around the...

  • AHF-loves-cheerz

    AskHerFriends X Cheerz

    We’re as Instagram obsessed as the next fellow. From snapping our brunches to sharing our nights out, we love...

  • the-letter-loft

    Spotlight On: The Letter Loft

    This week we are totally obsessing over The Letter Loft. Father and daughter team Jodie (plus dad) worked hard...

  • spotlight-on-biscuiteers

    Spotlight On: Biscuiteers

    The glory of Halloween at a young age rests in the fun of dressing up. From gruesome masks to...

  • spotlight-on-nocturnal-paper

    Spotlight On: Nocturnal Paper

    I have lost track of the amount of times I have stood in Clinton’s Cards, starring blankly at a...

  • seller-of-the-week-mon-pote

    Seller of the Week: Mon Pote

    We’re suckers for a bit of Scandi-style here at AskHerFriends. We’ve been lapping up wire structures and hanging pot...

  • seller-of-the-week-daniel-wellington

    Seller of the Week: Daniel Wellington

    Preppy, chic and versatile, this week we’re going mad over the Daniel Wellington watches here at AskHerFriends. The story...

  • seller-of-the-week-scarlet-jack

    Seller of the Week: Scarlet Jack

    Sometimes there’s no more perfect gift for someone special than an item of jewellery. As old as time itself,...