Perfect Cheeky Gifts – The Twisted Twee Interview

Products that show the seller’s personality or sense of humour are always popular on our site and this is probably why we love Twisted Twee so much. Where else would you find Henry VIII’s portrait on a pair of pants or display your pregnancy bump as an Easter egg? These tongue-in-cheek products are perfect for your cheeky friends who love a laugh. Here the founder of this unique brand, Suzi Warren tells us more…

Tongue in cheek gifts, perfect for friends and family!

Describe Twisted Twee in three words. 

Original, funny, admirable.

How did Twisted Twee get started?

When I became pregnant I entered a world of fluffy hell. All baby products at the time seemed mawkish and sentimental. It was as though my IQ was expected to suddenly plummet. So Betty’s dad and I started making clothes for her that reflected the bizarre and boisterous behaviour of children and the bafflement of child rearing.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration always comes from the lunacy of my life and the lovely people inside it.

What Twisted Twee products make the best gifts?

Well they all do! That’s what they are designed for. But my personal favourites are Bad Bunting and Moth Patches. Bad Buntings are festoons of gloom – pretty bunting for parties that spell out depressing messages like DON’T FEEL OBLIGED TO STAY. Moth patches are iridescent fabric iron-on moths that cover moth holes on clothing and restore them to their former splendour.

Perfect funny gifts, from Twisted Twee

(l-r: Bad Bunting, Moth Patches, Tudor Pants)

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

This year I asked my friends not to give me gifts for my birthday but to set me challenges instead. I have received a wonderful mix of missions. Some kind, some frightening, some bloody stupid. I have to shout my mouth off at Speakers Corner, helm a boat, learn to Hula Hoop, Yarn Bomb, ride a horse, design a dress for the cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry, master the Rubix Cube and on and on. A year’s worth of projects is a great gift.

And the worst?

My dad once collected up all his junk mail and carefully wrapped them in blocks to look like lovely presents. I was overwhelmed by how generous and thoughtful he’d been until I opened three of them and pizza menus fell out. I didn’t bothering opening the other nine. I think he thought I’d find it funny, but it actually broke my heart.

What are your plans for the future of Twisted Twee?

To install Twisted Twee vending machines in pubs, build monuments, create very unusual holidays, and bend my silly brain into any direction it fancies.

So there we go! Hats off to more crazy presents and Twisted Twee monuments; down with junk mail gifts…!