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First off, tell us who's the gift for?

Picture her in an outfit she likes wearing. Tick all that apply:

If these necklaces were in a shop window, which ones would she ‘oooh!’ over? Tick all that apply:

A perfect free Saturday to herself – what’s she doing? Tick all that apply:

What has she done lately? Tick all that apply:

How much are you looking to spend? You can tick multiple options if you're not sure!

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Why do we get gifts?

What are gifts for? That’s the first question to ask. At AskHerFriends, we believe that gifts represent something more fundamental – and fundamentally human. They don’t have to be expensive, they don’t need to cost anything at all, but what they should do is show the recipient that you care for and cherish them, and want to do something special for them. That’s why we believe that the idea that someone can say ‘ I want this for my birthday or for Christmas’, whilst having perfectly valid reasons behind it (nobody likes the awkward moment of ‘why did you get me this?’) takes the meaning away from a gift, takes away its special nature. We believe that with a little time and effort, you can get the perfect present for anyone, no matter how hard they are to ‘buy’ for (and if they’ve got everything, don’t buy them something – make them something, or give them something that you can’t buy, like time or attention). All we’re trying to do at AskHerFriends is just make it that little bit easier for everyone.