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Lost for ideas, and don’t know where to start?

AskHerFriends can help!

Just answer some simple questions about her and let us do the rest. Follow our Idea Map to get some gift suggestions – our unique algorithm not only matches your responses to great gift ideas, but also looks at what is popular on the site with other customers so you can be confident that what you pick will be the perfect gift, for her.


Let our experts inspire you.

You’ve asked us, with the Idea Map, so now ‘Ask Our Friends’! We have a team of experts to help point you in the right direction of that perfect gift.

Get expert tips from reading our blog, or look at what great gift ideas our bloggers have selected that they’d love for themselves!

So you’ve asked us, and now you’ve ‘Asked Our Friends’. If you really want to get the perfect gift for her, though, why not ‘Ask Her Friends’, in just three easy steps:

1. Create an Advice List

Add any ideas you like to your list using the Add to List button, or if you find yourself completely lost, try following the Idea Map.

2. AskHerFriends

When you’re done with your Advice List, click the AskHerFriends button and begin asking her friends. You can ask them in many ways ranging from sending the link yourself to us doing the hard work and emailing them for you!

3. Choose the perfect gift!

Once you’ve got the advice you need to buy that perfect gift, or maybe even gifts, simply add it to your shopping bag and proceed to the checkout… You know the rest!



If you want to know more about creating an Advice List, please click here!